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Certified German Hero: London Olympics 2012

Posted by Lazy Beatz On August - 10 - 2012

This guy’s reaction to winning a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics just killed me!! LOL It was truly the funniest reaction I’ve seen to date…

When this guy won gold for the discus throwing competition, he first ripped off his shirt in true Hulkamaniac fashion, then proceeded to do a victory lap down the track.  It just so happens that they were setting up hurdles for the next Olympic event, and sure enough, our boy GERMAN MAN comes barreling down the track and starts to hop over the hurdles… with just one leg HAHAHAHA

I guess he didn’t wanna contribute to the “BIGGEST FAILS of 2012″ blooper reel by trying to fully hop over the hurdles and bustin’ his ass LOL

I made a collage to forever encapsulate this moment, titled: “CERTIFIED GERMAN HERO”



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