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“Redial Riddim” – Persona (Lazy Beatz & FJC)

Posted by Lazy Beatz On May - 11 - 2013

I came home from the cotton fields one day, and my bro FJC was making this beat.. Funny thing is, coming around the corner I could have swore he was playing some vintage nintendo game haha ..

“Big Time” – 59 MiN [Lazy Beatz & Wong Collabo]

Posted by Lazy Beatz On May - 11 - 2013

This was one of the beats we submitted for a “Blue Jays” commercial we worked on last year… The commercial was for Roberto Alomar’s induction to the Hall of Fame. I remember them telling Wong this beat was a banger, but they ended up choosing another one of our compositions instead. I guess it was just too hype for T.V! LOL

Beating Up Muskoka @ The McArthur Wedding

Posted by Lazy Beatz On May - 11 - 2013

After my good friends Mr. & Mrs. McArthur got hitched last September, I sat atop a boat house on Lake Of Bays and “Beat Up Muskoka” in their honour.

This one’s for James & Jacqueline, I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

I also want to thank Port Cunnington Lodge’s staff for letting me hangout on their boat house and go H.A.M!

“South” – 59 MiN (Lazy Beatz & Wong Collabo)

Posted by Lazy Beatz On April - 6 - 2013

This is the sound of 59 Minute Productions.

Nuff times when I collaborate with Wong, it’s almost like we read each others minds and everything syncopates effortlessly. This was definitely one of those times. Plus there’s just something about the strings section that I love in this beat.

Artwork by MagicFinnga Wong